MechUni is a leading service provider for parking and mechanical services

MechUni App consists of a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the parking and mechanical needs of users in metropolitan cities across India. The Home section provides convenient access to nearby parking places and mechanical service providers, making it easy to find reliable solutions in close proximity.
In the Parking section, users can explore various parking stations and view their rates, allowing them to make informed decisions and even book their parking spot in advance. This feature ensures hassle-free parking experiences and saves time for users.

The Brief

The Mech Service section offers a diverse range of options, including car services, bike services, and mech spa options. Users can choose from a variety of service options tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that their vehicles receive the necessary maintenance and care.
For all-encompassing automobile maintenance services, users can rely on the MechBrain section. This feature provides comprehensive solutions to address any mechanical issues, ensuring that vehicles are in optimal condition.
The Location section showcases a map, allowing users to easily navigate and locate parking places and service providers.
MechUni App is revolutionizing the way people approach parking and vehicle maintenance, providing a reliable solution for the daily struggles faced in metropolitan cities.


Case overview

MechUni is a leading service provider for parking and mechanical services, dedicated to resolving the daily struggle of parking in metropolitan cities across India. Developed by ReapMind Innovations, this app provides a single platform for all your parking and mechanical service needs, offering automated vehicle parking, Mech Brain for on-road services, valet parking services, EV charging stations, and FASTag integration. MechUni’s commitment to convenience and affordability ensures that you can access their services at any time, day or night. By entrusting your vehicle’s safety to MechUni, you can concentrate on your work while they handle everything from parking to mechanical repairs.

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Mechanical Services
Mech Brain

Our Approach

MechUni app’s approach is focused on providing a hassle-free and convenient experience for our users. Our comprehensive range of services, including automated vehicle parking, Mech Brain, mechanical services, valet parking, EV charging stations, and FASTag integration, is designed to cater to all the needs related to cars and bikes, from parking to maintenance and repair work. We offer a single, convenient solution so users can save time and effort while entrusting the safety of their vehicles to our reliable services. By providing affordable options accessible in one step, at any time of the day or night, we ensure that our users enjoy a sense of relief and satisfaction while availing of our services.


The Results

MechUni is the go-to app for parking and mechanical services, revolutionizing the way people navigate the challenges of parking in metropolitan cities in India. With a user base of over 17,000 individuals and over 5,000 service orders fulfilled, MechUni has garnered immense trust and popularity. The app’s seamless integration of automated vehicle parking, on-road services through Mech Brain, valet parking, EV charging stations, and FASTag integration makes it a one-stop solution for all parking and mechanical needs. With over 15,000 tickets sold and 5,000+ downloads from the Play Store, MechUni’s commitment to convenience and affordability is evident, ensuring that users can rely on their expertise while focusing on their daily activities.




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Service ordres

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