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How Mobile apps are transforming E-commerce industry in 2024?

A broad variety of companies use mobile apps. These mobile apps are dominated by the gaming and entertainment industry, the app world is now well equipped with more features. These apps are available on social networking sites, to control certain gadgets, and also mobile apps are available for educational purposes. Apps are available in every domain be it technology, gaming, entertainment, research and innovation, healthcare.

Because of innovative things in the industry, many mobile app development companies in Mumbai have achieved success. And also provided the best solution for the E-Commerce industry.

More people use their mobile devices to buy online than ever before. A survey was done by Flurry Analytics in 2016, “people spend most of their time using daily habit apps (news, sports, stock market reports, etc.) and social apps, with statistics showing an 11% increase in use of mobile phone by users and a 69% increase in the time spent by them on mobile apps which is a massive rise in mobile usage as compared to 2015’s data.”

Global leader Statista claims that in 2017 worldwide E-commerce sales have improved a lot and it’s expected to increase rapidly in 2020. Including mobile apps as part of the strategy has resulted in massive sales for top E-commerce brands and this trend is all set to continue for the next few years.

The Rise of Mobile Apps

If I will talk about the digital transformation then, Apple has launched its app store in the year 2008 with around 800 applications were accessible for download and now Apple has a staggering more than 2.2 million App Store applications. The future can easily predict how much popularity is going to be for mobile app development. People start engaging themselves on mobile more than before and it could be an advantage for any industry to build a mobile application to target their customers.

Before the availability of the current modern apps, mobile devices depends on built-in software such as Pocket Office, an MP3/MP4 player, a PDF/PPT viewer. Games were usually limited to Snake and Solitaire, and mobile web browsers were the only way to connect your device with the internet.

E-commerce and Mobile Apps: A Perfect Match

Mobile Apps have stormed the globe. For almost anything, there’s an app then how E-commerce left behind? More and more E-commerce companies are creating their applications, and this seems to be a good step for the industry. The Retail giant saw a 200% increase in revenues through the mobile app. The way people buy has changed due to E-commerce. Traffic is slow, malls are packed with jams after all that hassle, and you go home empty because you couldn’t find what you needed. Here comes online shopping for rescue. You can stay at your home, switch on your computer or mobile, and find exactly what you want. And within a relatively short time, your item will be delivered to you at your doorstep! How convenient!

Features of mobile apps which improves E-commerce experience

  1. Offline capabilities

Some applications like Spotify can be used offline. This is also a game-changer for the digital retail world. While this feature won’t be applicable or useful to every business – and requires storage space for the users who are memory-sensitive. In this way, m-commerce and mobile application are changing and shaping the possibilities of E-commerce business.

  1. Dedicated and optimized experience

The apps have a dedicated user experience, and this optimized app makes it easy for users to do what they need to do. Most apps are user-friendly and efficient than mobile websites or desktop versions of websites.

  1. A faster and more convenient experience

Single Grain emphasizes the importance of this mobile app feature: “Apps load quickly and users don’t have to open the web browser, typing the URL, and waiting for the page to load. It is certainly easy to just click the app’s icon. Some mobile websites are not compatible with mobile web browsers and can be difficult to use. It is also easier to navigate using mobile applications.

  1. AI and voice assistants

Voice assistants like Google and Alexa from Amazon have changed the way of the business. From research to purchases, voice assistants on smartphones have effectively blurred the line between E-commerce and m-commerce.


Apps are a great alternative to mobile websites for all industries, then how E-commerce is an exception. In the past, people use apps exclusively for gaming and entertainment. Now you can purchase gifts, book tickets, reserve a hotel or else many more online things you can do through your phone. If you want to one step ahead of technology trends then your business needs to be ready with the E-commerce app. To build successful mobile apps for your niche you must hire ReapMind as the best E-commerce mobile app development company in India. To get a free estimated quote and discuss your idea with us write an email at

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