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Just imagine, in the near future, inpatient departments being replaced by remote patient monitoring devices? Where patients will be sitting at home and getting treatment with all the medical equipment and devices set up in their comfort space. No getting admitted in hospitals nor paying hefty bills on those rooms. This can all be possible with the emerging new technology RPM systems.

 RPM often known as remote patient monitoring is a method in the health-care industry which uses the latest technologies to gather data of patient leaving behind traditional health-care settings. It’s all about moving the medical treatment into the house, where the patients can be treated at the convenience of their home. Smartphones and tablets are being widely used all over the world by all age groups. Hence, this comfort will increase their engagement level and further help in improving the quality of care.


Real-Time Patient Monitoring

  • Allows patients to get treated independently and prevent health complications.
  • Facilitates these goals by delivering health-care services at the comfort of their home.
  • Patients and family members can get relief as they are being monitored and shall be supported if any problem arises. 
  • RPM systems are based on advanced wireless and wearable sensor technologies.
  • Allows real-time monitoring of patients efficiently using these technology-enabled devices. 

RPM allows Virtual Consultation

  • Ensures social distancing as hospitals will be less crowded.
  • More satisfaction to patients as timings are flexible.
  • Saves waiting time as compared to in-person visits as more patients are treated in less time.
  • Provides better care for follow-ups, getting a second opinion, and also pre-screening.

RPM enables Automation

  • The use of IoT devices and wearable technologies has opened huge opportunities in RPM.
  • The automotive applications provide alerts by means of E-mails if there are any abnormal conditions in the monitoring parameters of the patient. 
  • Helps patients by giving reminders using automation software to take medication at a regular interval.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) allows retrieving a patient’s health details and test results which can be forwarded smoothly to the clinician’s smart device. 

RPM devices to aid Accurate Diagnosis

  • A well-connected health ecosystem containing RPM devices helps in the accurate diagnosis of diseases.
  • Devices such as ECG, Heart monitors, Smart scales, Smartwatches, Sleep monitors, Blood pressure monitors are being used.
  • Advanced pulse oximetry systems are used in managing and monitoring a pulse oximeter in real-time.

Reduced Emergency Situations

  • Can prevent/ delay costly events like hospitalization and emergency room visits.
  • RPM helps patients to keep an accurate measure of blood sugar within the range.
  • Hence, the risk for serious costly emergency situations can be avoided.

Reduced burden on Health Care Systems

  • Patients can get care without stepping out of their homes, as data is collected remotely.
  • A qualified health care provider will analyze and respond to the data using email or text messages.
  • As COVID-19 has made us aware of social distancing and hygienity, RPM can make patients healthier by staying away from hospitals.


The future looks bright for further adoption of Information technology such as remote patient monitoring. These new innovations will be a part of mobile app development software. They will be destined to improve health care outcomes by creating cost-effective solutions to the health care industry which have been impacted due to COVID-19. We need to adopt more proactive approaches to save lives, improve outcomes and health-care costs. And that too from the convenience of a patient’s home.

RPM can give practitioners who are unable to see their patients in person a critical opportunity to provide 24×7 monitoring and efficient care. And this all is possible using remote patient monitoring mobile apps and devices.

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