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How much does it cost to develop a short video app like Moj?

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Years back a trend got viral of creating and uploading short videos on apps like Tiktok and more, but soon Indian government placed a ban on multiple Chinees apps, and the emergence of Indian apps became so prevalent in the industry known as Moj. It is also a short video app that was accepted by thousands and thousands of users with a great rating of 4.3. Now, after witnessing the scope of short video apps, most entertainment companies are looking forward to developing short video apps like Moj and willing to know more about them in detail.

Are you also one among those and short video app development is your objective? Then there are all the details along with the Moj app development cost. When you set for a new business idea you must understand the products in detail along with the market trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s get started to dive deep into the concept of short video apps like Moj:

These are fun apps that allow the user to create their short videos along with lots of editing and creativity, such as lip-syncing with the songs or dialogs, acting on dialogues, and more. Users are also availed of various effects to ace their video and make it worth their time. The app went viral because of its unique and appealing features such as short content, opportunities for newcomers to showcase their talent, the opportunity to make money, gain fame, and more.

Technology stack required for app development like Moj:

  • – Sketch
  • – Xcode
  • – Android
  • – AWS
  • – Fabric iOS
  • – Android studio
  • – FCM
  • – Geo-fence
  • – Google analytics
  • – Google APIs
  • – MEAN stack
  • – Mantis BT
  • – Swift iOS
  • – Stripe

The team required for app development like Moj:

Team selection is one of the major aspects that impact the cost to develop a short video app like Moj. If you hire a huge team then you may need to invest more money, but anyhow a minimum team with the below-listed professionals is required to develop an efficient solution:

  • – UI/UX designer- 1-2
  • – iOS developer- 1-2
  • – Android developer- 1-2
  • – Web developers – 1-2
  • – Business analyst- 1
  • – Quality analyst-1
  • – Project manager- 1

Basic features in a short video app like Moj:

For users:

  • – Login/signup
  • – Filters and emoticons
  • – Follow/unfollow users
  • – Special effects on videos
  • – Stream created videos
  • – Multilingual support
  • – Add timer
  • – Post created content
  • – Like, share, or comment on posts
  • – Share content on other social media platforms
  • – Push notifications
  • – Account settings
  • – Logout

For admin:

  • – Login
  • – Manage user activities
  • – Manage users
  • – Manage filters
  • – Manage posts
  • – Manage timers
  • – Manage effects
  • – Manage spam/reports
  • – Admin account setting
  • – Send and manage push notifications

The cost to develop a short video app like Moj:

The total cost of app development completely depends on the features you are opting to integrate into your app. If you have opted to develop a basic app with regular features like Moj then the cost may range between $22000-$25000 for native app development, but if you go for the features customization then the cost of development will vary based on your preferences.

The cost of app development also depends on the team you have hired and their location also plays an imperative role. The professionals from different region charges based on the affluence of their region. There are a few of the top countries which are mostly selected for outsourcing app development projects and they are listed below along with the per hour developer cost.

USA: $100-$250 per hour

UK: $50-$170 per hour

Canada: $100-$250 per hour

Eastern Europe: $40-$150 per hour

Australia: $100-$150 per hour

India: $20-$100 per hour


The short video app business is witnessing a great boon along with a great future scope. The companies investing in short video app development are getting higher returns and hence most of the companies from the entertainment business are looking to get partnered with the top mobile app development companies in India to get the best short video app developed like Moj. One of the major concerns for the companies is the cost to develop a short video app. If you are hiring your developers from India then you can get the best developers having a master hand on the technologies required for app development at $20-$100 per hour. The complete Moj app development costs you around $22000-$25000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Moj app work?

Moj is a short video app that allows the users to create small videos in which they can upload videos with a different types of media content like songs, dialogues from movies, etc. Also, this app allows user to share their creativity with their pals on the app and other social media platforms.

2. What are the major aspects that impact app development costs?

The major aspects of an app development that has a major impact on development cost are listed below:

The platform for app development: Either you can choose to develop a native app that will require coding separately for android and iOS platforms. Or else you can also choose to develop a cross-platform app development that will use a single code for all the available mobile platforms.

Design: The app design has to be very alluring to beat the competition and tempt the targeted audiences to use your app

Features: The selection of features decides the complexities of the app, if you choose to opt for basic features then it will cost you lesser than the app developed with customized complex features.

3. What is the estimated cost to develop a short video app like Moj?

An estimated cost to develop a short video app like Moj with basic features will cost approx. $22000-$25000. If you choose to develop a customized solution then the development cost may increase based on your preferences.

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