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How much does it cost to develop a Ecommerce app in Mumbai?

How much does it cost to develop an Ecommerce app in Mumbai?

Digital platforms are emerging at a great pace and it is transforming the world giving a new face to the entire business world. As per the studies use of smartphones is getting doubled after every decade and this rapidly growing use is demanding a revolution in the business industry. Most of the folks using smartphones seek almost solutions for their requirements with a few fingers taps on their mobile screen and this is the result of ramping numbers of e-commerce applications for various product-based business segments. E-commerce apps are allowing such businesses to relocate their local store on the global market and target worldwide audiences for enhanced business results.

Now almost every business is heading towards the e-commerce app development company in Mumbai to transform their business strategy and step into the global digital market. But the search gets hindered due to the e-commerce app development cost. Most entrepreneurs are not capable of turning their business into an online storefront as they just keep wondering about the cost to develop an e-commerce app. If you are also one among those and seeking complete detail about hiring eCommerce app developers in Mumbai, then here are your answers.

Factors that can affect the cost of e-commerce app development:

App platform:

For mobile app development, you have various options from which you can choose the best that fits your requirement. If you choose to develop a native app then majorly your options are android and iOS. But if you want to cover almost the audience in the least possible budget then you can opt for cross-platform app development. The type of app development platform you choose determines the type of professional you need to hire to develop a prominent e-commerce app. If you are willing to develop native apps then you need to hire an android as well as an iOS app developer which may increase your app development budget.

App design:

Don’t you buy your commodities from a store that gives a classic ambiance that energizes your shopping mood? The same applies to the e-commerce store as well. The design of an e-commerce store plays a great role in making your app successful and tempting your targeted audience to browse your app and hang on for a longer duration. Hence you need a skilled app designer to make your app get the most tempting appearance and excite your targeted audience.

App size:

Another important factor that plays a crucial role in determining the cost to develop an e-commerce app in Mumbai is the size of the app. The size of an e-commerce portal can range from 10 pages to many hundred pages based on your business segments and categories to be listed. If you are planning for a huge e-commerce app with several pages then it may take longer development time, effort, and hence extra cost also.

Responsive designs:

Most product-based businesses look forward to covering global customers but the difference in the devices and screen sizes available in the market can hinder the performance of your app. Hence, it is essential to make your app highly responsive which can opt for the design of every screen and can serve seamlessly without losing its quality.

App development:

Development is the backbone of every app and also the most important aspect in determining the cost of app development. To develop an app, you need to hire a developer well-versed with the technologies required for the development. Most entrepreneurs choose to hire e-commerce app developers in Mumbai as it offers the best at the most affordable prices.

Cost to develop an e-commerce app in Mumbai:

The cost to develop an e-commerce app majorly depends on the business requirements and determining the exact cost of an e-commerce app can only be done after listing down the requirements. If you still need an average cost of app development then the hourly cost of hiring an e-commerce app can help you in determining the average cost. There are several e-commerce app development companies in Mumbai that avails you of the best professionals to hire for your requirement. Either you can hire them on a project basis or a term basis. If you are hiring e-commerce app developers in Mumbai based on project completion then you can completely hand over your requirements and app development responsibilities to them and in return, they will serve you with a complete product in a predefined time at a predefined cost which may range $50000-$300000. But if you choose to hire resources on an hourly or monthly basis then the cost to hire an e-commerce app developer will be $20-$150 per hour based on their skills and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to develop an e-commerce app?

Setting up an online existence of your business can be done in just five minutes but designing and effectively developing your storefront online can take a duration of three months to 1 year based on the requirements. If you are planning to develop a small online portal with 10-15 pages having moderate complexities then it may take three months but if you opt to develop a massive online store with hundreds and hundreds of pages and complex features then it may take a longer duration, maybe 1 years or more.

2. What platform should we choose for e-commerce app development?

Ecommerce apps must be developed keeping all types of users into consideration. When you choose to target a different type of customer then you must also consider different mobile platforms used by the targeted users. Choosing cross-platform app development is highly recommendable for businesses. The earlier cross-platform was ignored by the people because of quality issues, but now with the growing technologies, cross-platform app development has become one of the prior choices. Now, the latest cross-platform app development technologies are giving the best solution for app development with the highest efficiency, great performance, and a soothing experience just like native app development.