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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Stock Trading App Like Upstox?

We all know that investing is a risky endeavor that could even result in a sizable loss. But things have changed in a few years.

Nowadays, we don’t need to worry about anything when investing because there is always a share market investment app available.

Investors no longer have to rely on stock exchange agents to invest in financial markets. Stock investing is now easier than ever thanks to the development of stock trading apps. The apps inform you of stock movements and enable real-time stock purchases and sales without the use of middlemen.

Today’s stock trading platforms are rapidly transitioning to the digital realm.

DIY (do-it-yourself) investment via smartphone apps is becoming more popular.

Investors and companies that want to make the entire trading experience seamless for everyone are considering the power of stock trading apps

Numerous applications have opened up the worlds of trading and investing to users. One of those sterling apps is Upstox, an app that exemplifies the advantages of developing a stock trading app.

People who want to make a lot of money should get into stock trading app development like Upstox.

So are you interested to invest in the same industry?

 Before entering this industry, it is important for you to thoroughly research the features, stock app development process, and cost to build an app like Upstox. Let’s read the article below to get all the details-

What Is a Stock Trading App and How Can It Be Profitable?

A stock market app is an online (web, mobile, or both) system introduced to facilitate the easier buying and selling of stocks, smoothly manage and update investment portfolios, and select safe strategies.

Automated trading systems give users complete control over their investments and are appropriate for both long-term and short-term transactions

Generally, all trading apps follow a similar workflow. So as the Upstox

The user:

–          Registers in the app, connect the bank account and place an order

–          The order is then recorded in a database.

–          The database looks through every market for trading and finds the best deal for you.

–          Both parties are informed once the seller and buyer have been successfully matched by the market.

–          The price and order are visible to all investors.

–          E-trading keeps a record of the trade-in history in case past transactions need to be examined.

–          A contract is also sent by the system to both the broker who bought the shares and the broker who sold them.

The primary method of revenue generation is commission. Deposits, user transactions, and stock transactions are all subject to interest charges by the system. This approach can be used in conjunction with the freemium method. All users have free access to all of the product’s necessary features, but extra features can be purchased for a fee.

Businesses contact well-known mobile app development companies in Bangalore for online stock market app development services in order to increase their annual profit and generate large sums of money, but do you know how they do it? Users can trade using these apps for free, so the big question is how they generate such large amounts of revenue in this manner.

Upstox and other comparable apps use the same monetization techniques to generate income and increase their revenue. How do they work? Look them up below:

–          In-App Ads

Owners of stock trading apps may include advertisements for other fintech or insurance firms in between their paid services.

–          Paid Membership

The app membership must be purchased by the user in order to benefit from advanced features. This method is much more efficient, boosts revenue more quickly, and enables participants to trade stocks.

–          Selling Products

The app includes various products to sell as part of this monetization strategy. Mutual funds, insurance, and many other financial products are included.

–          Transaction fee

All user transactions made through the app will be subject to charges, so each time a user makes a transaction, a certain sum will be taken out as a transaction fee.

–          Advance notification to users

A user will receive early alerts about the products to sell before other app users if they have paid for the early alert facility through the app. Consequently, the app can profit greatly from it.

About Upstox

One of the most sophisticated and top mobile trading apps is the Upstox mobile app from Upstox (or RKSV), a well-known discount broker.

You can trade stocks, equity derivatives, and currency F&O using Upstox. By utilising the “Trade from charts” (TFC) feature, you can trade directly from charts. Advanced charts with various intervals, types, and drawing styles are available in the Upstox online stock trading app, along with the capability to use more than 100 technical indicators in real time.

Some of the app’s distinctive features include:

Users can directly use and modify various graph types, like candlesticks, based on their analysis.

Historical data is available for the previous ten years.

Users can customize stock price alerts and notifications.

Why Spend on the Stock trading app?

Consequently, the stock trading apps, which are widely talked about, offer special features, where few allow commission-free trading, and send helpful alerts to stock market enthusiasts. Then there are those that reward users for inviting friends to the stock trading platform by giving away free shares.

Overall, the “Finance” app category, which includes these apps, is well-known for its high penetration rate. You should be aware of this fact because these apps are quite well-liked. The penetration rate of Android finance mobile apps, for instance, was astonishingly 25.75% in September 2019, according to a Statista report. Additionally, there has been a long history of interest in stock trading apps; for example, between September 2016 and September 2017, searches for such apps rose by 115%.

Additionally, it is anticipated that in 2023, the trading industry will invest more money in the creation of trading platforms than ever before.

–          A sizable number of investors

The stock trading apps that guarantee growth are becoming more and more popular among investors with each passing day. Investors prefer quick, safe, and simple transactions along with real-time stock market updates, so they use these online stock trading apps to reach their desired shares whenever and wherever they are and to increase their profits.

–          Elimination of Broker

There is no middleman broker involved with stock trading apps; users and the stock market communicate directly. Therefore, the user and app owner directly receive whatever profit there is. Compared to taking the conventional route, there is more profit for both parties when doing things this way. You don’t have to pay anyone for using the app, unlike when you use a broker, who typically charges a fee for his services.

–          Original & Verified Data Analytics

Many investors are looking for a reliable stock trading app that can offer them verified data analytics. They gripe about the inappropriate analytics provided by established adversary firms. Businesses, therefore, have a chance to offer users a stock market investing app that will provide them with the best advice. Your investor base will grow significantly as a result.

–          High Profit & Highest Revenue

  Revenue and profits always outweigh the cost of developing a mobile app. If a stock trading app is effective enough to provide users with better security and simple functionality, it can help business people earn high profits. The lack of security in the stock market is what worries many investors the most. So, if your app is sufficiently secure, get ready to manage a sizable user base.

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Features to Prioritize to Building a Stock trading app like Upstox

Selecting the features for building a stock trading app like Upstox requires careful consideration. You must make sure to include features that facilitate a simple user experience throughout the entire process. A few of the features your mobile app must have are listed below.


Order status, watchlist, balance, charts, holdings, and other information are all contained in this area. It is crucial to present the information on the screen in such a way as to prevent information overload because the screen will be filled with a wide range of data.


The investors will be able to build and manage their own portfolios using this functionality without depending on a third-party agent. To help investors find what they’re looking for, it would be advantageous at this point to add the filter and sort functionality to the portfolio.

Latest Market data

To help investors stay informed about the performance of their stocks as well as information on how all stocks are trending in the market, the application should include all the most recent market insights.


Give investors the option to add the stocks to their watchlists so they can keep track of the stocks they are interested in without having to search for them individually each time they open the application.

Notification and alerts

Stock trading necessitates quick decisions and having relevant data at your fingertips. Notifications and alerts provide users with important information about upcoming events, earnings, and growth and declines. Typically, users can set up custom alerts, such as when the value of a stock reaches a certain threshold.

Trading knowledge

Stock trading apps like Upstox are used by both experienced and novice investors. This is why some apps include a learning feature to help new users understand everything about the stock trading market. Gamification can also be used to increase user engagement. Some apps also employ a trading simulator, in which the user spends fictitious funds rather than real ones. It is an excellent way to help users understand the risks associated with trading.

Fund transfer

The primary goal of this section of the application will be to transfer funds from users’ accounts into the software so that they can be used to trade stocks. The creation of a secure platform that makes real-time fund transfers safe for users should be given the most consideration for this functionality.

Data security

The security system used by the Upstox app is well-known and encrypts all sensitive user information. Therefore, you should concentrate on encrypting user personal data like bank information, balance, transaction details, etc. if you’re developing a stock trading app. This will facilitate establishing trusting relationships with clients.

Now that we’ve seen the crucial components of the Upstox app, let’s look at the cost of creating a similar app.

Stock trading functionality

The main function of Upstox and other similar stock trading applications is stock trading. Inside the application, this feature will see the most interaction from users. You should ensure that the investors have a hassle-free experience holding, purchasing, and selling the fund.

How Much Does it Cost to build an app Like Upstox?

The stock trading app development cost like Upstox relies on diverse factors in app design, location of app developers, and features of the app.

Factors influencing stock trading app development cost:

A number of factors are taken into account when estimating the cost of Upstox clone app development.

Only after you understand those factors will you have a complete understanding of what influences the cost of developing an app like Upstox.

You can get an idea of what factors into determining an application’s cost by looking at this breakdown of the cost of a stock trading app like Upstox.

The app’s design specifications

An easy-to-understand design underpins the Upstox app. However, they do employ a significant number of micro-interaction elements that are uncommon in other comparable information-rich applications.

These components raise the price of creating a stock trading app. To really impress your users, you should also include features like push notifications, icons, and customization. With a good design, users will want to use your app more frequently and won’t eventually stop using it.

The Upstox clone app’s design costs won’t be excessive because it calls for more creativity than intricate design elements.

Frontend and backend development

The cost to develop a Upstox-like app will be largely influenced by the front end and back end of the application. The kind of technologies and frameworks you employ will affect these costs, in turn.

Two strategies—monolithic and microservice—are available when discussing the backend of a stock trading app. While Monolith is significantly more cost-effective, it is the backend of a Microservice that has the potential to make your application long-lasting and highly scalable.


When testing your Upstox-like application, you will need to make sure of a number of things, including the seamless synchronization of data, the functionality of the app when the market is open, and the proper operation of all APIs.

Choosing a platform

A stock trading application should ideally work on both Android and iOS. As a result, the cost of developing a stock trading app like Upstox will rise if you plan to release it across multiple platforms. Starting on one platform and expanding from there is the best course of action. In the beginning, doing so will enable you to reduce costs. Furthermore, you can release your app on other platforms after it has been a success.

Selection of an app development company

Your choice of app Development Company in Bangalore will also affect the cost of developing your stock trading app like Upstox. A trustworthy app development company offers expert resources and has experience in a variety of fields to provide top-notch services. Although it will increase development costs, the quality of service will not be affected, and it will undoubtedly hasten the development process.

There are still more factors to take into account. You must also consider other factors, such as the specifics of the features and functionalities, the technology stack utilized, etc.

As a result, the complete cost of a stock trading app like Upstox can range between US$15,000 and US$200,000.


We trust that this article has been useful in helping you understand how much it costs to create a stock trading app like Upstox. To overcome technical obstacles and guarantee your app runs smoothly and steadily, you must hire skilled developers to create a free stock trading app similar to Upstox

It’s a good idea to speak with a fintech app development company like ReapMind if you’re looking for stock trading app development like Upstox. We have a talented team of app developers who have mastered the technologies required to create excellent stock trading apps.

To achieve new milestones, make sure to seek advice from our passionate team of stock app developers that assist in developing top-notch stock trading apps.


1)      How do you calculate the cost of developing a stock trading app like Upstox?

The answer to the question of how much it cost to make a stock trading app like Upstox is an estimate based on a thorough understanding of the app development project.

You will need to consider the following factors:

The design specifications

Platform selection

Team size

Technology to integrate

Scope of testing

2)      Why would you create a stock trading app for investors?

The massive user base and investors’ interest in the app category are the primary reasons why entrepreneurs should focus on stock trading apps.

3)      What kinds of features can you include in your stock trading app?

Dashboard, stock trading functionality, and portfolio are all common features that you can include in your app.

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