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features of online tutor app
Key Features to Integrate with Online Tutor App?

What are the features of Online Tutor App ? Reach out to students offline post-Covid… Build an online tutor app to reach students around the globe. The concept of teaching has remained monotonous for a long period throughout history. Even as technology began to penetrate practically every business, teaching and education remained relatively unaffected. However,…

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Ecommerce app development cost
How much does it cost to develop an Ecommerce app in Bangalore?

How much does it cost to develop an Ecommerce app in Bangalore? The growing digital age has taught most of us to accomplish our almost day’s work using our smartphones, whether it is ordering food or buying commodities. The eCommerce business is reshaping the world with the easiest shopping options. Ecommerce has influenced every market…

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MPL game app development
How much does it cost to build a Multi-Gaming Platform App like MPL?

How much does it cost to develop a Multigaming Platform App like MPL? With the speedy rise in popularity of fantasy apps such as MPL, the Indian fantasy sports industry is anticipated to skyrocket to a grand net worth of around 3.7 billion dollars by 2024. Fantasy sports apps like MPL are capitalizing on this…

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healthcare application development
HealthCare App Development: The Ultimate Guide

Healthcare App Development: Types, Challenges & Key Features Healthcare, like most other businesses, has undergone tremendous transformations as a result of technological innovations. Smartphone medical app is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with more people using them for everything from medical treatments to general health and well-being. So much so that, the market for mobile…

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