VAP-Valet Parking App

Reserve your parking space via smart-phone and invest more time in your shopping instead of car-parking.

VAP is an online parking app that makes it easy for the user to reserve space online. VAP is a digital platform for users to add their car details in this VAP application. This is the digital system to reduce paperwork and human efforts. It is an on-going project being developed by ReapMind Innovations.

Using cutting edge technology and innovative designing tools while developing this app, VAP comes in 2 apps: one for the customer, other for valet boy. VAP for the customer helps the user to find parking with the details nearby or at any specific location. Along with the parking, users can also get the facilities of car wash and VIP parking.

Quickly view the parking details

  • Can view the ticket Id, car no. and the location of your parking.
  • Can view the status of our parking request (complete/pending).

  • Can view the date, time and total parking time making us easy to compete our work withing the schedule.

View the vicinity location with ease

  • Can view the nearby location where parking space is available.

  • Shows how many valets are available at the required location.

  • Gives description about the location where your about to park with the opening hours.

  • Then can click on ‘Park My Car’ and make a request.

Effortlessly view status of the tickets

  • Can view whether our request is still in progress or has completed.

  • Can view the details of the VAP parking such as Ticket Id and Car no. along with the location and timing.

  • And then request for the car as per the available slot.

Making parking easier with just one tap using VAP app for local and travel

Using VAP, one can easily find the parking space which eliminates loss in productive time and money.
Using sensors and control systems to track the cars helps in easy parking.
VAP helps the customer and the valet boy to interact with ease using this parking app.
This app helps to analyze the parking routines in huge malls, airports, and business stores which allows proper parking management.