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How much does it cost to develop an app like Nykaa

The prominence of the cosmetic and fashion industry never fades off, every day is a trendsetter and every girl wants to be the trendsetter. The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid rate with the increase in people buying the latest cosmetic range to groom themselves. This transformation of the fashion market is demanding an online solution that can cater to the requirements of worldwide customers availing them with an option to buy any product at any time. Nykaa is one of the most renowned cosmetic e-commerce apps with the widest range of cosmetic and fashion products on a single platform.

Several fashion and cosmetic companies are also willing to set their brand as higher as Nykaa and are willing to develop an online shopping app and impose them to get partnered with the top mobile app development companies in India to attain their objective. One of the major questions the companies are wondering about is the Nykaa fashion app development cost.

The online shopping app development strategy has completely revolutionized the cosmetic industry with the largest user base.

Necessities of app development like Nykaa that determines app development cost:

If you are expecting high revenue generation from an online shopping app like Nykaa, then you must include the below-listed aspects:

UI design:

The app must be interactive with easy navigation options giving a proper idea about the app features and options to explore.

Operating system:

The platform that you are choosing for your e-commerce app development must be done considering all your targeted customers and to serve them with a seamless experience. The Nykaa fashion app development cost majorly depends on the selection of an operating system. If you are having an extended budget and you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the app then you can choose to develop native apps for specific mobile platforms but if you are short on the capital and willing to cover most of your audiences across all possible mobile platforms then you can opt to develop a cross-platform solution which will allow your developer to use same code for different operating systems.

Payment gateway integration:

For an online shopping app like Nykaa, online payment options are a must to give a complete online shopping experience to shoppers. It will allow the users to pay in multiple ways, such as UPI, credit/debit card, in-built app wallet, net banking, etc.

App Features:

Another important aspect that has a major contribution in determining the Online shopping app like Nykaa development cost features. If you choose the basic features with moderate complexities then your app development cost will be lesser than that of the app with higher complex features.

Social media integration:

Linking the social media channels with a platform to help your followers on social media to get connected with the brand easily and onboard your app.

Customer support:

An e-commerce app must have a customer support option allowing your users to get connected with your support team in case of any queries.

Inventory management tools:

An online shopping portal has various products under various categories and each of these products has to be managed. Hence, you need an inventory management tool to keep your product well managed.

User management tools:

Being an e-commerce portal, your app might be having a huge number of visitors and need to manage all those profiles. Integration of the user management tool will help you manage all those profiles at once seamlessly.

Cost to develop an online shopping app like Nykaa:

The cost of development is based on your preferences for app development. The average cost to hire an e-commerce app developer in India is $20-$150 per hour. An e-commerce app with basic features can be developed in a range of $35000-$90000, but if you choose to develop a complex app then your cost to develop an app like Nykaa will vary.


Most cosmetic-based businesses are taking a step ahead towards mobile app development companies in India to onboard the online business world and cover worldwide customers. If you are one among those and willing to develop an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce portal and willing to know an estimated development cost then first you must list down all your requirements. The average cost to hire an e-commerce app developer will range between $20-and $150 per hour. The more complex feature will take longer to be developed taking your cost to develop the app to higher packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why opt for app development services for the cosmetic business?

Gone are the days when people were coming to cosmetic shops and trying new options, now people are much more aware and precise about the products they use, hence they like to get them on their doorstep with just on few taps on their mobile screen. Also, the digital world has grown to the next level of experience where customers can try the products online using the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

2. How much does it cost to develop an online shopping app like Nykaa?

It is difficult to determine the exact development cost of any application before the requirements are listed, as the cost mainly depends on various aspects such as type of app, type of oriented mobile platform, features to be added, and more. But an average cost based on previously developed online shopping apps like Nykaa ranges between $35k-90K. To determine the exact cost along with its breakdown you can get in touch with the best e-commerce app development companies in India and get a customized package based on your requirements.

3. Why hire mobile app developers from India to develop an online shopping app like Nykaa?

To develop the best e-commerce app you need the best developers too, and hiring a native team of top professionals will not be feasible for you as your work is only for a few months. The next option is to outsource your product development and if you are looking for the most efficient and promising development solution at the most affordable price then India is the best choice for your product development as you will get the largest talent pool in the most affordable prices.