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Enhancing The Brand & Productivity Of Your School Through Automation With Galileo Smart School Management System.

Galileo Smart School Management system is a school management ERP system with attractive GUI and user- friendly dashboards having login access to teachers, students, parents and non-teaching staff and the management as a whole. It is a management system with brilliant features allowing schools and institutions to run online effectively and efficiently. It is an ongoing project with ReapMind Innovations. We feel delighted to swoop into transforming the digital educational environment using cutting-edge technologies to stay forefront among our competitors.

Galileo Smart School Management system provides various modules that are available in school and facilitates all the processes of the institution right from student admission to generating transfer certificates when the student completes his/her studies.

This system has modules to manage registration, schedule time-table, fees, leaves, profile, inventory, examinations, holidays, transportation, admission, library, and much more. It has modules to manage employee pay-slips and a payroll system. Hence it can be tailored according to the needs of the institution’s requirements.

From organizing parents-teacher meeting to online fees collection, the Galileo Smart School Management system makes this process butter smooth. Hence, it is a multipurpose system that helps in automating the school’s daily operations hassle-free. This management system simplifies the admission procedure, data accessibility and enhances interaction with the stakeholders by saving a lot of time and money.

This system maintains the data of the students, teaching and non-teaching staff in a constructive way, making education organization work convenient. Galileo smart school management system comes in the web application as well as a mobile app. It runs on both platforms: Android and iOS. So now, it’s possible to use this dedicated app to communicate with everyone and stay connected.


All-in-one & user-friendly management system to run your educational system in a smart and productive way

Multi-user functionality
Entire staff and faculty can manage all the activities and modules through their login.
Empowers e-learning platform
E-Learning became an integral part of learning during the COVID-19 crisis.
Enhances connectivity
Keeps parents and students in connection through email, WhatsApp, and mobile apps.
Reduces manual work
Reduces manual tasks of the administrative department. ERP will do all the tasks of your school.
Flexible Tracking
Flexible tracking of students to and from home.

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Galileo School Management Website

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