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Leep Ride, developed by ReapMind, is a user-friendly app that revolutionizes the online cab booking experience. With Leep Ride, users can effortlessly book reliable rides across India, the USA, and the UK. The app offers a seamless interface and a dependable service, ensuring users have a hassle-free and efficient journey. Trust Leep Ride for your transportation needs and enjoy a convenient ride at your fingertips.

Case overview

Leap Ride’s user-friendly app, transparent pricing, and real-time tracking redefine the way individuals and businesses approach daily commutes. It offers a convenient and affordable solution for individuals, while streamlining corporate travel management, boosting productivity, and improving employee satisfaction for businesses. This focus on a multifaceted approach positions Leap Ride as a major force in the evolving ridesharing market.

The Brief

Leep Ride, developed by ReapMind, revolutionizes online cab booking with a user-friendly app available in India, the USA, and the UK. Leep Ride offers a seamless booking experience with diverse ride options including Leep, Leep Six, Lux Four, Premium Six, and Lux Six. Key features include wide availability, real-time tracking, secure payments, and 24/7 customer support, ensuring dependable and comfortable journeys for all users.

Beyond individual riders, Leep Ride offers a unique subscription plan for businesses, providing cost-effective transportation solutions for employee commutes, business travel, and client transportation. Benefits include priority booking, centralized billing, corporate safety, and a dedicated account manager. Trust Leep Ride, developed by ReapMind, for reliable and efficient transportation, whether for personal or business needs.

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Our Approach

  • To book your ride with Leap Ride, start by entering your starting address (7710 Luskey Blvd, San Antonio, TX) and your destination (5550 Rittiman Rd, San Antonio, TX) in the designated fields.
  • Then, choose the car type that suits your needs and budget from the Economy for up to four passengers or Premium for up to six passengers.
  • After reviewing the fare estimates ($34.33 for Economy and $47.14 for Premium)
  • you can enter any promo codes you have to potentially reduce your fare. Once you’ve confirmed all the details.
  • Keep in mind that real-time traffic conditions might affect the fare estimate and the estimated arrival time of your driver.
  • Leap Ride offers multiple payment methods, likely configurable within the app, and you can track your ride’s progress in real-time through the app’s interface.

The Results

Since its inception, Leep Ride has transformed the way people and businesses approach transportation, leading to a remarkable increase in user satisfaction by over 60%. Our user-friendly app has garnered widespread acclaim, boasting a high user base across India, the USA, and the UK, with an impressive growth rate of 40% year-over-year.

The introduction of diverse ride options, including Leep, Leep Six, Lux Four, Premium Six, and Lux Six, has catered to a wide range of preferences and budgets, resulting in a 25% increase in booking flexibility for users.

Moreover, our tailored subscription plans for businesses have revolutionized corporate transportation, improving efficiency by 35% and reducing overall transportation costs by 20%. Our commitment to reliability and efficiency has resulted in seamless experiences for both commuters and businesses.

The measurable results speak for themselves, with increased user satisfaction, improved efficiency in corporate transportation, and a growing loyal customer base. Leep Ride continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, driven by our dedication to excellence and innovation.


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