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The7 is the most customizable WordPress theme available on the market up to date. It gives you creative freedom that no other theme can match. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, website owner, creative professional, or a digital agency – The7 offers tremendous power and unparalleled value to everyone.

50 +

Demo Sites

The7 comes with 60+ prebuilt dummy websites complete with exclusive templates for Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder & Slider Revolution. Import them in a single click. Mix, match, change. Create a perfect foundation for your new website in minutes!

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Most customizable theme

World's leading page builder

Why have we chosen Elementor? Because it’s powerful and flexible. It can do things that other page builders can’t. The user base is at least 10x more than the closest competitors (including proprietary page builders built into popular themes). And like WordPress itself, it is GPL. It is better tested, and the addons ecosystem far exceeds anything on the market.

Advanced Theme Builder

The7 extends Elementor’s Theme Builder feature. It allows the customization of almost any place on your website. But unlike vanilla Elementor, you can also create floating headers that change size and colors on scroll, fully customize your WooCommerce, build mega menus, etc. 

Create your own:

Design System and Theme Style

The Design System feature allows the quick change of your website’s colors and typography. Change a parameter in one place, and it will propagate across the entire website.

And the advanced Theme Style customization lets you target the default styles of your site. E.g., general typography, forms, buttons, etc. What’s more, you can fully customize forms and buttons sizes. Which usually is not possible in Elementor.

The7 Widgets and Post Types

We have created a whole range of new widgets and altered many standard ones in order to enhance and extend the Elementor.

We have also added custom Post Types for Portfolio, Testimonials, Team, etc., and corresponding widgets to display them.

The7 widget types include (note that categories partly intersect):

Elementor Pro and PRO Elements Integration

The7 Elements integrates seamlessly with Elementor Pro or its free alternative PRO Elements. Giving you pro-level tools for marketing, lead generation, and dynamic content styling. No need to install bulky third-party addons or plugins.

Pro features include (but are not limited to):


Complete WooCommerce Builder

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce software on the planet. You can create catalogs, sell physical goods, services, subscriptions, software, courses, and everything in between. And The7 takes it to a whole new level. You can create fully custom storefronts, product pages, product lists, shopping cart, checkout, and more!

WooCommerce Theme Builder

You have probably tried to customize WooCommerce templates with standard Elementor widgets. Not a great experience, right?

With The7, you get all the tools necessary for meaningful WooCommerce customization. Finally, you can build your store the way you want it and escape the standard WooCommerce look and feel!

Build bespoke templates for the storefront, product pages and lists, checkout, cart, and more with advanced WooCommerce Theme Builder.

Custom WooCommerce Widgets

Standard WooCommerce widgets in Elementor are rigid and basic.

But what if you need to display select products from different categories on the homepage (or other pages)? Or maybe a product grid? Or a fancy-looking carousel?

The7 picks up where Elementor left off. Our masonry, grid, carousel, and other product widgets feature a whole range of settings: starting from the advanced query selector to product card layout and tools to customize almost any aspect of widget appearance!

Advanced Filtering

An excellent online store lets its customers find the products they need quickly and conveniently. That’s why creating tools to build comprehensive search, sorting, and filtering was one of our main priorities. We also studied hundreds of best online stores and ensured that filtering remains convenient and usable for people browsing your store from mobile phones and computers alike.

Full support for WPB Page Builder & Ultimate Addons

WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer) is the first commercially successful and one of the most popular page builders on the market. The7 was released with WPB support from day one. And has become the most popular premium theme for this page builder on the market!

The most popular theme for WPBakery Page Builder

The7 supports WPBakery Page Builder and Ultimate Addons natively. And over the years, it has become the number one choice and the most popular premium theme for this builder.

50+ The7 Shortcodes

The7 Elements extends the WPB even further with 7 post types, 50+ exclusive shortcodes, and many features that cannot be found in any other add-on.

Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons is the most popular premium add-on plugin for the WPBakery Page Builder. It adds a ridiculous amount of shortcodes, settings, and features to the builder. Comes standard with The7.

Get your copy of The7 now!