Patient with BPMachine

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical experts can remotely monitor their patients with the aid of Advanced Healthcare IoT devices.

Realtime Patient Monitoring.

Reduced Emergency Situations.

Receive patient vitals on the go.

Instant Emergency response.

Patient with Oxymeter


ReapMind’s COVID-19 Remote Care Solutions to support hospitals and various health-care sectors.


Solution contains timely and accurate information about COVID-19 published by health-care authorities.

Symptom checker app allows to report daily symptoms like fever, cold, breathing problems, etc.

Allows users to add symptoms and personal details to their mobile app, where hospitals can monitor and receive alerts.

COVID19 Response

Medical IOT Devices

Be more watchful and connect with patients proactively with IOT devices.


Better patient experience due to dedicated procedures, enhanced treatment options, and improved diagnostic accuracy.

Enables M2M communication allowing patients to be monitored in the comfort of their homes.

Improved disease management as IoT devices helps to spot any disease before it spreads and becomes serious.


Virtual Care through Tele-medicine

24×7 services with telemedicine approach making virtual care easy and effortless.

No exposure to contagious patients.

Safe, secure web and mobile-enabled applications.

No travel expenses or a waste of time on queues.

Better follow-up of patients using technology-enabled apps.

Expanded access to medical care.

Get new revenue opportunities for health-care providers.

TeleMedicine Consultation


One-stop online portal service where a person can seek advice through online consulting from doctor, order prescription drugs, and also order relevant health check-up tests and receive all services at your doorstep.

Open 24x7 at your service.

Wide range of medicines/tablets available.

Delivery of medicine at the desired place at the desired time.

Easy comparison of medicines in terms of cost.



A digital version of the information of a patient including medical history, diagnosis, medications, lab results, and doctor’s note is widely being used.

Enabling quick access to patient records for more systematic, coordinated, and efficient care.

Providing accurate, updated, and complete data of the patients as and when required.

Robust security in sharing electronic information with patients and doctors.

Help in the efficient diagnosis of patients and reducing medical errors.

Sample Electronic Medical Record
Doctor checking small baby

Health Care Team Collaboration

Engage with our health care specialists to stimulate your health and get better outcomes.

Mobile apps for doctors have allowed patients and doctor health care professionals to ‘share test results’ with deftness and convenience.

Ensures secure communication as mobile apps provide a single point of information of all records of patients to the doctor through encryption.

Patients can schedule appointments using health-care apps.

Have the ability to gather and analyze patient’s health information using mobile apps and smart wearables.

Doctor checking small baby