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Project Overview

Bankerz Dil se, is a complete solution for Health care industry bringing all the roles viz; Patient, Doctors, Pathology labs, Medical Stores/Suppliers, Ambulances in one single platform. There is one app for each of these roles. The platform is developed keeping security and scalability in mind. It is an on-going project with ReapMind Innovations

Platform Android and iOS
Design tools Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator
Front end technology React
Back end technology Node JS

Health care management made easy

Starting with the Patient’s app, this app comes with e-commerce pharmacy with number of medical products. Users can search through desired medicine and place the order. Prescriptions can be uploaded also by specifying particular medicines and recurring orders can be placed with their frequency.

Online booking feature gives the patient’s privilege to book appoints with doctors or labs from anywhere without any tedious physical process. They just need to search for what they need, select appointment time and it’s done. This app also has online consultation available for its users, where they can connect with doctors through /video call or even can chat with them. Additionally, patients can set reminders for their medicines.

At doctor side, they get appointment requests on the app from patients. It allows it’s users to reschedule the appointments with ease. They can chat with their patients using this app. For Labs, the app allows them to upload patient’s reports online, so patients get access to their health checkups by seating at home.

Medical stores on App receive orders from patients registered on app and they just need to deliver it to their address. This app comes with two kind of payment options, one is online payments which is helpful in online appointment booking and other is cash payment. Bankerz Dil se is available in both Android and iOS looking at its span of users.

Design Experience

We're small but impressive. Hand crafted pixel perfect designs.
Book your doctor's appointment anytime anywhere with this app
Get in-house service at your home and save your waiting time
Order your medicines online with the help of this app by sitting at home
View your test reports online in your phone
Get your monthly medicine delivery plan to have a clear picture of all the medicines
This app eliminates the hassle for doctors by letting them check & organize appointments

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